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5IN5 Day 5 – Try Something New

Inspiration: A kid’s dream.

In the past 4 days, I’ve done a lot of thinking and making. Today, I want to focus on “learning”.

I’ve been longing to learn how to paint since I was a kid, but I kept postponing the plan for school or work. I had 2 classes today(morning and afternoon) which means that I only have the evening to finish my 5th project. Time is super limited, so there is no time for hesitating and self-doubting. Roll up the sleeves and get started!


With almost zero experience, I watched a couple of videos for watercolor starters, got the basic idea of what tools I need and how to mix paint and water to get different shades of colors.


Paper, brushes, paint, palette, 2 glasses of water, paper towel, tape.


After the tutorials I started to mess around with the paint and got a sense of how to get different colors and the difference between brushes.

I’ve been so used to digital colors, it turned out that watercolor was so different! I wanted a purple so I mixed blue with yellow.. and I got a very dirty looking color that was nowhere close to purple.


There is no doubt that I needed to practice more to paint complex things, thus, for now, I would just focus on simple shapes and colors. Inspired by one of the tutorials, the author used tapes to separate the color blocks on the canvas, I decided to use this method to create something like the colorful church windows. And here are my final work after learning watercolor for 2 hours: