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5IN5 Day4 – The Movable Type

Inspiration: A poem.

Today’s theme will be “making”, let the brain rest a little big and get the hands dirty. I got an assignment from Design Methods class, we need to design 20 different layouts of a poem. It’s like breaking the poem into pieces and assemble them together in different ways. This reminds me of the ancient printing technique invented in China a thousand years ago, it’s called the Movable Type. I have always been interested in language history, this time I decide to make an English version movable type.



A piece of rubber and a carving blaze starter set.

Working process

Different from Chinese characters, the width of English letters varies, so each block will be in different sizes. First of all, I chose a font and marked the kerning on my laptop:

I printed out as a measure of the block sizes.

Start carving!

Due to time constraints, I didn’t finish the whole alphabet, but I carved enough letters to print a quote I chose.