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5IN5 Day1 – Millennium Falcon

Inspiration: Do nothing as long as possible.

I spent the whole day working on other projects, around 9 pm(not confident enough to wait until 11:30 pm) I started to look around on the internet for inspiration. Here is the mind map:

A poster of the latest Thor movie linked me to my favorite Star Wars vehicle, the beautiful Millennium Falcon. For Star Wars fans, they may know everything about the spaceship, history, model, specifications, etc. However, for people who know little about Millennium Falcon, it could be difficult to figure out the function of each part only from the pictures.

What can we do to display the information of MF in a way that is easy for people to understand?


The designs above are good examples on information communication. Using simplified graphics, lables and charts allows users to easily understand the context, history and materiality of the objects.

Working Process

Final Design

Future Iterations

Right now there is only the top-view of Millennium Falcon, it will be better to include graphic from other angles, such as front-view and bottom view. Also the exterior layout is also great to add to this work so that users can have a thorough understanding of Millennium Falcon.