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5IN5 Day3 – The Objects of My Life

Inspiration: A History of the World in 100 Objects

On my first English class, we were assigned a short reading from the book A History of the World in 100 Objects by Neil MacGregor. The reading was about his thinking process on what to choose to represent the 21st century. The difficulty is that there are so many things invented in the history and it’s hard to decide which one has made a more significant effect on people’s lives thus to represent that period of time.

This makes me think, what about the history of my life? Can I describe my life using a series of objects that mean a lot to me or left me deep impressions?


– To explore a new way to record time other than words.

– To investigate the relation between people’s experience and personality.

– To learn more about who I am.

Objects Picked

Due to the time limitation, I can only explain 8 objects here but each one I picked has a story behind it.

Project Outcome

Not everone has the talent to write a book about their life stories, but everyone has objects they can’t forget and somehow related to their memories. There are things I loved and lost, there are desires that I never chieved, there are things that I’m trying but still can’t forgive.. but they are all parts of me now, I appreciate the past as they made me who I am.

For future iterations, I would like to take all the photos by myself and make an album. I will also interview my sisters who grew up in the same environment as I did and see what different objects they will choose. In the end, I want to write an artcle on what causes stronger impression and how memories effects human.