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Divination System

This is a collabrative project by myself and Franky Wang.


The projection file(what testers interacted with): Download Here

The quiz we created(testers couldn’t see):


1. The ideal environment for our project is in the American Museum of Natural History and sponsored by the World Wildlife Foundation.
2. We used projection mapping to fit in the museum environment and to make the interaction more personal.
3. The goal is to build a connection between people and the endangered species to potentially get financial support for the species.


– We started the conversation by explaining that the classroom setting was not ideal for our project and told a story to help the testers imagine the ideal environment. We introduced ourselves as conservationists and animal lovers who worked at WWF, we were creating an installation for the American Museum of Natural History, they were about to experience the prototype after their tour at the museum and before they got into the gift shop.
– We went through a list of questions with the tester and got their answers, ideally, they should be interacting with the projection themselves.
– After the quiz, we showed them a loading screen and then placed a sealed envelope on the table. Testers opened the envelope and discovered their totem.


Please see the DNS evaluation form for more details(link).

Observation and Reflection

– They liked the idea of connecting them with species they might never think about.
– It could be different from their expectation but they could somehow discover connections when received the cards.
– People tended to ignore the QR code on the back, may need to move it a bit up front(but not on first sight).
– Some questions/answers could be more universal(the music question).
– Needs to create more connections between the input and output(e.g. reflecting favorite color on the envelope color).
– Definitely could spend more time on the technology part. Would like to use motion capture to show the totem animal moving with the audience.
– Would love to keep working on it and make a real impact.
– At the end of the class, we decided to use the animal cards we had left as postcards and gave them to our professor and classmates with our handwritten wishes. We did it for fun and for recycling the materials that we spent a lot of time on. After giving them out, I realized that this was also a way to create a connection between people and the species inside the envelopes. A lot of them asked why they received certain animals so I had to explain how it was based on my impression on their personalities and mostly the feeling they gave me. They may or may not feel that the species is like them, but hopefully, this experience could make them have special feelings toward the species given to them.
– People then started to post the cards we gave them on social media(free marketing XD). It’s a project that protected the nature and enhanced friendship!

Documentation of Testing Sessions

*Special thanks to Max and Sev!