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Final Project Conceptual Prototypes 5-6

Prototype 5: Contrast

From one perspective, you see a “NO”, but if you look closer or from another perspective, you’ll see the “YES” behind the “NO”. The role of this prototype is to show the information behind the words, to build a strong contrast between “what they say” and “what they mean” to raise the audience’s awareness of the difference.

Prototype 6: Input & Output

People have different communicating styles, some are more direct, some are not. For those who are used to indirect communications, they tend to think that there are meanings behind everything you say, they look for the hints from your words or body languages to make assumptions on what you mean. If you are the direct style, what you say literally represents what you mean, your indirect-style partner may totally misunderstand what you mean.

This prototype is still to explore the role of the installation I’m going to make, different from prototype 5, it is interactive, the audience can interact with the design and experience the frustration of miscommunication, it makes the design more playful and likely leaves a stronger impression on the audience.