Hannah Jiang

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Final Project – Role & Implementation prototypes 1-3

After going through several rounds of conceptual prototypes, my idea is getting clear, I’m creating an installation to represent different ways of communication from different cultures, and to inspire the audience to stay curious and patient when communicating interculturally. At this stage, I’m going to explore different materials and how to implement my idea through the following prototypes.


To quickly test the idea and make sure the mechanics work, I started with paper and metal wire.

Version 1

It turned out the structure I used was too loose and unstable, so it didn’t work very well to represent the blooming idea.

Version 2

For the second version, I removed a lot of wire structures on the petals and changed the metal support to a funnel-shaped paper piece, it worked well.

Version 3

For the third version, I added a stigma to the center of the flower to make sure that all the petals could bounce back from the closed state. Also, I used a servo motor to control the two states of the flower, an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of the audience. When the audience is closer than 30cm, the flower will bloom, otherwise it will remain closed.

Next Step

Moving forward, I’m going to try different materials for the petals and different mechanics to make the blooming process more stable.