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Final Review Reflection

Presentation Materials

Slides – Final_Review_compressed
Prototype – Link


– Great presentation
– Are there things like this out there already? Feels like there ought to be. Living vs. travel guide.
– Topics may invite trolling. WeChat in the admission process: common source of rumor and misunderstanding. What is the truth in this universe?
– Need to set an editorial tone. CMS side to be figured out, more editorial policy.
– Need more space for the post-it notes.
– Love that you are trying to collect more info.
– Make the visual style consistent. Not sure I could describe the logic of the metaphor – conveyor belt?
– Racism/culture belongs as a top level. May separate racism and politics

– As the content expands, will be about being a human in a place where you are not from.
– In China could be used to break up experiences there.
– Curious about the future content manager specifics.
– Will it be opened up to any user? Will vetting contain trolls?
– Could we use this in China? Data will be skewed. How might students in China get this?
– Tools that allow for a conversation, vs assimilation.

– “Red-pilling” thinking might be something to think about. When you think you are liberating someone’s mindset (Matrix film reference).
– The audience is for IS coming to the US.
– Clay Shirky and Evgeny Morozov.

– I appreciate the backstories in the presentation.
– What about using something like Disqus for the comment addition?
– I really love your plan for IS. What kind of rules might you establish for the editors?
– What about talking to ISS about providing incentives to student editors?


What are two comments you received that resonate with most? This could be a suggestion, a critique or an observation.
– Editorial policy/rules
I wasn’t thinking enough about the editorial policy probably because I was working with people I knew so there wasn’t any content collected that raised any issues. But the feedback reminds me that it is important to establish a policy for future editors to refer to in order to manage the community.
– Red-pilled
I did not understand this comment back then(wasn’t a big fan of Matrix but apparently this series of movies play an important role in American culture), after I looked it up I felt this was an amazing metaphor for the mind-liberation issue I talked about. Although I feel like the young generation in China is kind of in between the red and blue status – e.g. we know the government is hiding something about Tiananmen Square but we somehow seem to have little interest on finding out the truth.

How will you consider these in moving your work forward?
– I will spend time studying other crowdsourced platform’s editorial rules and write one for CulHubs, will include that in the final paper.
– This Matrix reference makes me think if I could use movies/stories to make it easier for people to open their mind. Not sure how to do it yet.

Did any feedback not make sense, or was confusing/unhelpful?
– No. The feedback was great.

Identify 3-5 MUST-DOs that need to happen in the next week and the week after (a total of 10 things)
Week 13:
– Complete abstract, introduction, and context for the final paper
– Interview at least 3 international students/alumni to collect more content
– Finalizing the visual design for the app
Week 14:
– Complete the first draft of the final paper
– Interview at least 3 international students/alumni to collect more content
– Start editing the interview videos for the final show
– Reach out to ISS to introduce this project