Hannah Jiang

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Ideas in Form

1D: Story

After exploring domains that I’m interested in, I realized that 2 out of 9 domains that I wrote down were about animals. I have a cat myself but I had to leave her to my friend before coming to the U.S. for school, thinking about her makes me nostalgic. There were many moments that I was holding her in my arms, talking to her, and so curious about what she was thinking about. Here is my story:

I come back home at 8 PM after a long day at work, I still need to work for at least 4 more hours tonight to meet a deadline. I turn on the light, my cat Biggie is sitting on the armrest of my couch, scratching, this is a welcome-back ritual she gives me every day.
I sit down on the couch, Biggie comes and sits next to me.

“How’s your day, Biggie?” I ask her.
“Relaxing? I’m so jealous of you, sleep for however long you want.”
“What are you thinking about?”
“They say that cats think they are the masters and humans are the servants, is that true?”
“I wish I could understand what you are thinking about, you are always here with me no matter what. I love you.


2D: Concept

The 1D story mainly focuses on explaining the context, which is that pet owners may wonder what their pets are thinking about. For 2D, I want to take a further step in exploring the concept of communicating with animals. Starting with what I am familiar with, I did a research on cat body languages.

After going through all the materials I found on cat body languages, I realized that I misinterpreted a lot of them in the past. For example, I always thought that when a cat rolled over and showed her belly to me meant that they want to be touched, however, it’s actually just their way to say “hi” and express trust. This is very surprising to me. So I want to make a small quiz game to test how well the users know about cats’ body languages and share the surprise with them.

1 Sketch the Idea:

2 Draw the Possible Answers on Sticker Notes

3 Interact
I listed a few questions and following each questions there are 2 to 3 answers, only one answer is correct. Users can flip the sticky notes to see if their answer is correct.

3D: Prototype

The 2D design got me thinking, it would be great to have something that could tell me what my cat was thinking about. I created a 3D representation of a transparent device, which users can put facing their pets. The device can analyze their body languages and voices and translate those into human languages. Users can also turn on the “Auto Voiceover” to listen to what their pets are saying.

4D: Time-Based

For the time-based form, I made a video clip of pets owners voicing over their pet to show how the device would work.

Prof. Galonoy gave me feedback that the 4D did not need to be a representation of other forms, so rethinking this form, I would like to design an animal translator service to help pet owners communicate with their pets with the help of experts through video calls or offline meetings.