Hannah Jiang

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Arduino Final


We don’t always act exactly as what we are thinking about, we may choose to hide our feelings to protect others or our own self-esteem.

I am going to use multiple motors to control a pen and draw out the real feelings inside and use a screen to show what we actually say. This project is to showcase how ambivalent people could be and sometimes you need to see through the representations and find out the truth.

Circuit and Prototype

I used an ultrasonic sensor to detect object and distance of the object, the screen will say “Go away!” unless the object is within 10 centimeters, then it will say “I hate you!”. In the meantime, the step motor will be triggered and start spinning. While the installation attached to the motor starts spinning with the motor, it will draw a heart shape, which indicates love.

Final Prototype

I may say mean things, but I love you.