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openFrameworks – addon

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I played with a few addons and I found ofxGui very interesting because it created an interface through which users could control the objects on the canvas. While doing further research on what ofxGui could do, I found another addon named ofxUI, it is an advanced version of ofxGui and it has a lot of examples to play with.


I started with drawing shapes with ofxGui:

I wanted to do more with the shapes but I realized that ofxGui had its limitations, through research I found ofxUI and it has an example that matches what I wanted to do. Here is the original looking of the example:

I added more shapes and panels to the canvas, when I was playing with it I felt like it was functioning like a drawing software similar to Illustrator. I’ve always been wondering how the design software works, so I found a simple geometric poster on Pinterest and tried to make the design using the ofxUI panels, it worked well! Except for the texture image, the panel can perfectly create the shapes, colors, and positions:
Download Code Here