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Bencham WaterBall

Event Branding

Client: Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China

Duration: Jul, 2015 to Sep, 2015

Role: Lead Designer
Status: Completed

Tag: Event Branding, Graphic Design


Bencham, a politico-economic commerce company, partnered with Thirst, a water-saving initiative, to host a charity ball.

The project’s branding materials used and presented at the ball included floor banners, a menu, name tags, invitation cards, posters, official event pages, and photo backdrops for the stage.

The theme color, cyan, depicts a combination of aqueous blue and environmental green. In essence, the logo included a disco ball splashing in water to signify a party of purity. The branding intended to convey an environmentally-friendly event.

Floor Banner

I designed two floor banners to be set at the entrance of the event. One representing the charity ball, and the other representing the design agency I was working for at the time.


The menu inherits the same design of the aqueous floor banner. Large areas of cyan is used with a white content overlay. It includes all the information of the event: theme, sponsors, programs, auction details, etc.

Photos from the Ball

The WaterBall was successfully hosted over 250 people and raised a total of $20,000.

Copyright of event photos belongs to Benelux Chamber of Commerce in China