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Global Trekking Club

Branding and Website Design

Client: Global Trekking Club

Duration: Aug, 2016 to Sep, 2017

Role: Lead Designer
Status: Online

Link: globaltrekkingclub.com

Tag: UX, Trekking, Outdoor activities

Field Study & Interviews

To kick-off the project, I scheduled a meeting with the founder and the CTO who are both professional trekkers. I interviewed them about why they trek and what their goals are in terms of building the company website. Jackson, the founder, has produced 2 films about trekking with the award-winning Italian director Carlo Christian Spano. He is passionate about creating a community where trekkers can share their adventures and make plans for trips. He hopes that the films he produced and starred in will incite user traffic to the website.

Target Users: Experienced trekkers

Age: 18-55

Location: China, Nepal, North America, Western Europe

  • Self challenge
  • Witness the beauty of the Earth
  • Get fit
  • Clear their mind
  • Get away from daily life
  • Frustrations: Trekking could be dangerous, it is hard to find qualified guides in a country they are not familiar with.

    Design Goals

    The website aims to attract professional trekkers to find amazing trekking spots and book activities from certified trekking agencies. In the mean time, it enables qualified trekking agencies and guides to post information regarding the trek routes they are running.

    Site Map

    Visual Design

    The design intends to deliver a sense of nature, adventure, and freedom.

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