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Music Platform Branding & UX Design

Client: Toptal(Interview test)

Duration: 10 hours

Role: UX and Graphic Designer
Status: Finished

Tag: UX, Branding, Music Platform


Hush is a design assignment submitted for my induction process at Toptal, LLC. The assignment required designing a contemporary music platform within 10 hours.

After a competitive analysis of other music platforms, this was designed with a simplistic and easy-to-use contour that embodies the interface.


After research on popular music platforms, such as Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud, I came up with a distinctive interface design.
Main functions of a music platform:


From the concept of the expression, “Shut up and listen” I named the platform “HUSH”. The logo is combined with the word “HUSH” with a sound spectrum to indicate that the brand is related to music. The application was based on a minimalist design style with light colors so that the album covers could stand out as much as possible. I extracted the colors from a peaceful photo of a sunset.

User Interfaces