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Post-Review Reflection

Presentation Materials

Slides – Link
Prototype – Link

Feedback Received

– Bring alias to the platform, faculties, domestic students(may bring in new knowledge)
– Maybe the alias could be the managers of the community
– We haven’t yet figured out social networking. Is there a new idea for how to build new communities based on specific challenges
– Schools may have this idea already, it’s just a matter of resources
– How will you prioritize the content so that they can find what they need quickly
– This may not be enough to solve racism
– How to differentia racism and misunderstanding
– Articulate the “racism” concept more clearly
– True address of the issue of racism makes this a different project
– how to identify this product, a place when they can hang out? or is it an individual tool
– What language are you going to cover? If English is the only language, how do you deal with cross-cultural communication?


What clarity did you accomplish for yourself as you worked on the midterm review presentation? What clarity around your core problem/idea or the thesis form or your critical perspective happened before the review?
– Preparing for the presentation allowed me to think about my project as a story: what inspired me -> what problems are out there -> how this product could solve them -> what the users will achieve/gain. Going through the storyline helped me clarify my purpose, my goal, my users’ goals, and why I chose the interactive form. It also made me realize that this may help but not be enough to deal with the racism issue because I honestly don’t know what the solution is.

What feedback did you receive overall? How is this informing what you are planning to build out? Be specific.
– Overall I think the feedback was supportive and thought-provoking(see the above section). Dave’s feedback makes me think that I should create a clear path of how faculties(allies) could take advantage of and contribute to the community. Also, I need to clarify the role of the product in the market – how I should communicate to my target audience about the product. What are the key points that could encourage them to become members of the community?

Did any one comment stay with you as something to consider moving forward?
– Ernesto’s feedback mainly focused on the concept of racism. I think it is a great question he asked – how should we differentiate racism and simply misunderstanding/no-understanding. It is difficult, as most of the time racism does not directly reflect on aggressive language but more on behaviors. Even in the story I told about my friend who was ignored in group discussion, it may not be racism, it could just be bad manners or dislikes that have nothing to do with race. But as someone going through that, is there a way for them to tell the difference? If there is a way, will that make them feel different?
– I think it is important for me to re-think how I should communicate the design concept of this project. Racism is only one of many issues that IS(international students) could be struggling from, it is not the core of the project.

What lingering questions do you have, related to your research, testing, development or presentation?
– For the mobile version of the product, should it be a native app or should it be a web-app? In either case, how will the platform affect the user experience and users’ engagement level?
– I think “Be strong, be brave” is the solution to most of the struggles that IS have, but it’s easier said than done. How should I communicate the idea to make it sound more practical and less cliche?
– Focusing on the students from China, it’s hard not to think about politics. I remember the fights I had with my western friend about Tibet and Taiwan when we thought each other was brainwashed. That was 5 years ago but I remember all the struggles I had to go through knowing the fact that what I’ve been told through my whole life may not be true. I think it is necessary to get Chinese students prepared for the fact that they are going to hear a lot of different perspectives about the history of our country. Another thing I’m thinking about – may not have time to work on – is that as people who have experienced both Chinese and western education, what can we do to make a change in our home country? I want to see freedom of speech on social media, I want to see more TVs and movies advocating feminism, I want to see the younger generation to be brave enough to challenge the authorities(parents, teachers, bosses, governors). I haven’t figured out how to do it yet 🙂