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Thesis 2 – One Page Brief

Storytelling & Adult Education

  • How could I select and maintain content on this platform?
  • What kind of user habits is this platform going to form?
  • How will the education levels of the users impact the interactions?
  • Concept Statement:

    I am designing a digital platform for adults to learn knowledge tangentially through engaging stories. The target audience is adults whose education level is high school or above. The goal of the project to have people increase their knowledge proactively when consuming engaging stories.

    To make this learning platform inclusive and impact as many people as possible, the platform will be living on the internet. Similar to platforms like Netflix, the platform will be accessible through different digital devices.

    ↑ This is a learning map of a 4 min video about a story of a pair of white storks. It shows all relative knowledge of each chapter of the story.

    ↑ This is a screenshot of my latest prototype. Relative knowledge shows up on the right side when users pause at certain points of the video.