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Week 2 – Narrow It Down

Design Statement

I am creating a digital platform for international students living in the U.S. to learn about American English and culture in order to communicate efficiently and confidently with native English speakers.

Concept Story

Who They Are

Age: 18-35
Gender: All
Location: U.S.
Interest: Movies, documentaries, American culture
Activities: Watch movies at home, hang out with friends from the same home country
Literacy: Mediate to fluent in English
Goals: Improve oral English, make friends with native speakers, find a good job
Work/School: Currently in college or graduate school
Learning type: Visual learners
Personality: More introverted than extroverted, overly self-aware when speaking English in front of a group of people, proactive, willing to work hard to become a better self

What They Can Learn

– Vocabulary
– Figures of speech
– Expressions
– Cultural values
– Classic movies, music, books
– American history

Possible Form

A website should be the most accessible form for people to visit and edit content.

Some Thoughts

– College professors could be a great medium for distributing the platform
– How might I convince professors to become core editors of the site?