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Week 3 – 1 on 1 Feedback

From Danielle

* Study what makes these tools useful: Duolingo, Rosetta stone
* TVs and movies may not reflect American culture, be aware of what arguments are out there
* Metrocentrism, cities become the center on media
* Be mindful, I’m in an extreme city, it can’t represent the rest of the country
* Study the weakness and strength of crowdsourcing
* Here Comes Everybody, a book by Clay Shirly
* What are the cultural references that IS(international students) NEED to know?
* What fellow IS want to know
* Start with something more concrete, such as American history
* Could narrow it down even more – Help IS come to New York City
* Thomas Dworzak – a guide for refugees
* The concept of microcultures
* Travel guides(travel book store on 19th st.)
* Move on with the Domain Study paper

From Jess

* Born a Crime, a book by Trevor Noah, “Language is more important than race to be accepted”
* How people from different cultures have different understandings on sounds, concepts of time, etc.
* Will learning about the Chinese Exclusion Act be helpful for IS from China?
* Talk to people in ISSS
* May offer users weekly/daily goals and see how committed they would be
* Talk to alumni
* Science fair – look for funny stories, record them
* A welcome document for IS by Jess: link
* Next week: Three part experience(before coming to U.S., studying here, working here), figure out their priorities, try to create a wireframe, ask a friend to also be an interviewer


– It might be difficult to have IS learn about all the microcultures in NYC, but they should be aware of how diverse the city is and be mindful of different perspectives
– TVs and movies may not be the best media to learn about American culture, but they are great materials to learn expressions and pronunciation.
– Getting ready and moving to the U.S. is a one-time learning experience, but adapting to the U.S. society could be a life-long learning experience, what kind of content I should offer to have users constantly revisit the site?